White Marlin and their Feeding

Do White Marlin feed in on the surface or in deep water?

The White Marlin is part of the Billfish family that has the official name Istiophoridae, overall there are a few different species of Marlin in this family but the White Marlin is probably one of the most interesting out of all the Marlin fish.

The White Marlin contrary to belief is not white, it has a blue to mid brown colouring on its body that shades down to a white underbelly that may be silvery in places. Its upper jaw is shaped like a sword and elongates quite far in front of its lower jaw and the rest of the Marlins face. The average size of a White Marlin is around eight feet in length (about two hundred and thirty centimetres) and growing to a weight of up to one hundred and sixty one pounds (seventy three kilograms).

The White Marlin is a carnmivore and an opportunist predator that feeds on live and dead water life from squid to fish and will gladly strike any natural or artificial bait that a fisherman may use.

White Marlin mainly feed on the surface of the water so for any fishermen out there wishing to catch one of these wonderful fish the best way to catch a White Marlin is to troll very close to the surface using live or dead bait such as Mackerel or Mullet or even an artificial lure like a plastic squid or feather jig.

It is important to note that the White Marlins sword like upper jaw is extremely dangerous so you have to take care when landing one of these fish as they have been known to inflict nasty wounds when people have tried to handle them without care.

Daniel Eggertsen
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