Where and how to catch saltwater fish in Alabama

You also need to know what time of year is best for fishing for the particular type of saltwater fish you are trying to catch in Alabama. To where are the hottest Alabama Saltwater Fishing spots? If you want to experience the best in angling in Alabama, where should you go? Part of this answer will depend on the time of year you are fishing and what type of fish you are searching for. For many fish, you will need a boat to take you out into deeper waters of the Alabama bay areas. For some types who prefer shallow waters, you can fish from the water’s edge and have great success.

There are many great boating access points around Mobile Bay between Mobile County and Baldwin County. There are both public and private access points for you to consider in the saltwater fishing, bay areas of Alabama. Some great places to go Alabama saltwater fishing are in the Gulf areas such as Dauphin Island, Orange Beach, and other hot spots along the Atlantic coast.

When Alabama saltwater fishing, you want to have fun and you want to have a successful fishing venture but it’s very important to remember to abide by the state regulations, licenses and laws while fishing. A saltwater fishing license is required in the state of Alabama for all people fishing or possessing fish in saltwater areas. The penalty is high for fishing without a license so always be sure to take care of this and other legal matters before heading out for fun.

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