What’s the easiest technique for fly fishing speckled trout?

I’d like to try fly fishing for speckled trout. What’s the easiest technique for fly fishing speckled trout?

One of the biggest advantages to fly fishing for speckled trout is the fact that the pressure is off! When the weather turns chilly, and the boat anglers have packed it in, you can generally always see a few hearty fly fishermen out there pulling the specs from the water. If you know how to present your flies and where to look, you can fish for specs all winter, when even the most avid boaters have packed it in as a lost cause! About the only time the specs don’t bite well for good fly fishermen is when there is a sudden cold snap. It will put them off the bite for a few days, but soon you can be right back out there reeling them in, unless there is a really extended period of overnight temps in the low teens! Look for five to eight feet deep ledges, or shelfs, where these specs will huddle together. These areas should have deep water close by, and they should have a good, dark bottom, which will retain some of the day’s heat. Fly selection will be paramount to success when the mercury is low. Flies will work well for catching specs in water as low as 42 f. If it gets colder than that, you will need to switch to translucent flies or smaller spars. Try a combination of white and chartreuse, olive, or gray #2 Clouser. Tie it in translucent synthetic or bucktail for good results. Use an intermediate line. Taper your leaders to 6 pounds or even less. If the wind is up, it will be easier to cast an 8. Seek out a protected area out of the wind, and troll until you find the right depth where your specs are holding. They tend to hold in bigger schools, so once you find one, you will be on to something! Target ocean inlets, beach fronts, piers, jetties, seawalls, sandbars, oyster beds, and grassbeds. Once you find bait fish, you will find the specs. Fish structure and shallows, where there is bait fish present, and cast lures to the troughs that you find running parallel to the beach during low tide, or to sandbars, and chances are the specs will find you!

Daniel Eggertsen
Dan Eggertsen is a fellow saltwater fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on saltwater fishing since 2004.

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