What works best when trolling for striped bass?

We’re planning on doing some trolling for striped bass. Since this is our first trip can you tell us what baits work best and where the best spots are to troll?

The striped bass is a fish that whose habitat is dictated more by water temperature than anything else. When trolling for these fish, structure is not nearly as important as the temperature of the water. The optimal temperature for this fish is 63 degrees Fahrenheit. When your trolling, concentrating on areas that support this water temperature will help you locate the striped bass much quicker. While artificial baits such as silver plated spoons, and surgical tubes work well, you might also want to try using live baits such as squid and eel. To attach the squid, pull out the spine and thread the line through the cavity with a needle. Another trolling bait that works well is a white worm with a twirling tail. Eight to twelve inches is a good size. The striped bass is not a finicky fish when it comes to its meals and will often strike at just about anything that moves. It has been known to eat smaller striped bass as well. There are actually four bodies of saltwater in the United States that are considered some of the best striped bass saltwater fishing. They are the Delaware and Hudson Rivers as well as the Chesapeake Bay and the Massachusetts Bay in Cape Cod. The Chesapeake Bay is considered to be one of the largest striped bass breeding areas.

Daniel Eggertsen
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  1. RANDY says:

    I recently moved to NJ from Hawaii and like to shore fish. What kind of baits do you suggest and what kind of fish can I expect to catch

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