What Types Of Bait Works Best For White Perch Fishing?

What types of bait works best for White Perch fishing?

Yes, it is very helpful to know what type of bait to use when white perch fishing.  While different areas may have different preferences, there are still some bait options to consider.  When fishing for white perch, as this breed of bass is commonly known, you can choose from a quite huge variety of bait.  If you prefer artificial bait, small spinners are a great choice for bait as are shad darts and grubs.  Good choices of natural bait tend to be the kinds of worms, insects and larvae that are naturally plentiful in the areas in which you fish for white perch.

White perch are panfish, and as is the case with most of these, perch are not finicky and tend to eat whatever is available.  If you are fishing saltwater or brackish areas, this food choice would include insects, larvae, and small crustaceans.  Small grass shrimp are among the most popular bait to use for catching white perch.  Freshwater fishing for white perch simply add words and other local insects for good success in catching white perch. 

Most anglers prefer natural bait when they are fishing for white perch, but during colder months food becomes scarce, and perch become less cautious and allow their natural reservations to subside long enough to attempt to get a good meal of whatever is available, making artificial bait much more readily hit on then it would be at any other time when food was more plentiful.  Simply compensate for the lower metabolism and sluggishness inherent in the colder months of the year.

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    My boyfriend is addicted to fishing for perch, and with Valentine’s Day coming up I figured that stocking him up with everything for it would be a good gift. The only problem is that when it comes to these kinds of things I am clueless. So I need some help to let me know what I need to get….PLEASE HELP! :)

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