What Types Of Bait Do You Use When Barracuda Fishing?

What types of bait do you use when barracuda fishing?

Fishing for barracuda can be a challenge in some areas, especially if this is your first outing for these fish.  If you do plan to go, be sure that you take along with you the right type of bait that will give you the best results.  The good news is that it does not have to be difficult to do that.

The general rule of thumb about using what the fish normally eats (or something that closely mimics that natural diet) normally holds true for barracuda as well.  The barracuda is a predator extraordinaire, and will aggressively go after a moving bait.  This makes trolling an exceptionally effective method for catching barracuda, but cast lure will also work.  Try strip baits, spoons, large plugs, metal squids, or feathers.  Ballyhoo or other small fish such as anchovies, mullet, or mackerel are generally good bait when fishing for barracuda.  If you are fishing deep water, chunked or stripped snapper works well. 

Barracuda have a tendency to strike at only what they can eat in a single gulp, so base the size of your bait on the size of your target fish.  Anchovies or sardines are good bait choices when you are fishing for Barracuda, and they can be caught easily with bone jigs as well.  Barracuda that are breaking the surface near kelp beds or chasing a bait school will also hit well on top water plugs and flies.  Try black and green, white and blue, or white and purple jigs for this purpose.  This is especially if you are fishing on overcast days.  For night time barracuda fishing, consider chrome type jigs, because at these times they seem to prefer something shiny.

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