What the best fishing technique for Yellowfin Tuna?

What technique works best when fishing for Yellowfin Tuna?

Due to their incredible speed, Yellowfin Tuna are often a very difficult fish for small-boat fishermen. The best place I’ve found for catching them are the tuna grounds in the Southwest Pass and South Pass of the Mississippi Delta. Venice, Louisiana provides excellent access. Yellowfin Tuna in the area can easily reach 60 to 150 pounds and catches of 200 pounds are not uncommon. With the Yellowfin, however, the most difficult task isn’t usually getting it on the hook but actually bringing it in. Their speed and stamina can quickly prove to much for even experienced anglers. Trolling is the preferred method for fishing the Yellowfin. If you’re planning on tackling this fish, however, the first suggestion I have is that you invest in a in either a stand-up harness or a fighting chair. Either one will prove invaluable during this fight.

In addition to the harness or chair, you’re going to need a good fishing rod. The rod of choice should be rated in no less than the 50 lb class and should be between 5 and 6 feet long. If you’re using a stand-up harness you don’t want one that is designed for a chair so make sure the rod eyelets are not rollers. You’ll also need a one-piece reel frame. A heavy duty drag system is absolutely required and make sure you’re using big game line. Make sure your reel matches your rod rating. The lure preferred by most Yellowfin professionals is the Rapala Magnum CD 18, a deep-diving lure with a wide fin blade. The color of the lure doesn’t seem to make a difference. Don’t however, make the mistake of using the hook that comes with the Magnum Lure, they simply won’t hold up. You can switch them with another 4/0 hook in a heavier gauge. Keep your trolling speed between 5 and 6 miles per hour. You want the tip of the rod to vibrate steadily up and down. An excellent place to troll is around oil production platforms. You’ll want to stay out about a hundred yards.

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