What species of sharks can I catch in the Florida Keys?

What species of sharks can I catch in the Florida Keys ?

There are four species of sharks that can be caught from shore in the Florida Keys. Actually there are more than four but these are the most common one you will catch. The Nurse Shark is the most common shark caught from shore. The bad news is that pound for pound this fish is one of the worst fighters. The good news is that these fish grow very large. It is not uncommon to catch Nurse Sharks six foot long and above within yards of the shoreline. Blacktip Sharks are the next most common shark you will encounter in the Keys. This shark is very aggressive and will often jump in the air after it has been hooked. Unlike the Nurse Shark this fish can and will hit moving offerings and puts up a great fight when compared to other fish of the same size. They will average three to four foot long generally. Bull Sharks are essentially larger versions of Blacktip Sharks. The two species have a very similar appearance; the Bull Shark does not have the black tip on their dorsal fin. Gear up for heavy action when targeting this species. You will need heavier line, a heavy wire leader and large bait. Bull Shark can reach well over four hundred pounds and are a chore to bring in even for the strongest fisherman. You may also catch a Hammerhead Shark from shore. They are rarer than the other species mentioned but lurking around always. Hammerhead Sharks are famous for attacking Tarpon that anglers are bringing in.

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