What is the most difficult saltwater fish to catch?

What is the most difficult saltwater fish to catch?

This question will get you as many different answers as asking a room full of football fans who the greatest team of all times was in the NFL.  Still, there are some answers that would be considered correct by most any salt water angler, and those are the ones we will explore.

Sheepshead are called convict fish for a reason!  They are slick, slippery, and have an uncanny ability to sneak in, clean your hooks, and sneak out again without your knowing they have been near your line.  For that reason, they are considered one of the most difficult saltwater fish to catch. 

Cobia are also very difficult to catch.  They live near the shore, and have normal weights of about thirty pounds, but their sizes increase to fifty or more pounds as you get further offshore.  They tend to travel with sharks or alone, and as a result, they are often caught unintentionally.  They are a great table fish, though, and are highly prized catches.

They are also called convict fish because of their appearance.  They have black, vertical stripes to go with their fantastic ability to steal bait and escape capture.  Coupled with their bony, toothy mouths, it is extremely difficult to set your hook if you are lucky enough to feel them on your line.

One more fish that can be extremely difficult to catch is yellowtail.  It seems that when yellowtail are biting, they will bite no matter what you do, but when they are not, there is nothing you can do to entice them to nibble your bait.

Daniel Eggertsen
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