What is the Most Dangerous Thing About Shark Fishing?

What is the most dangerous thing about shark fishing?

The shark is known around the world as one of the most vicious and aggressive animals in all of the ocean.  It is certainly at the top of the oceanic food chain.  It has a reputation for being a vicious predator that will attack if provoked, causing serious injury or death.  Fishermen seeking to pursue these great beasts need to be aware of the dangers and risks before embarking on an expedition to land a shark.  They also need to make sure to have the proper knowledge about the shark and its tactics so that they can avoid any confrontations.  The biggest dangerous facing fishermen who angle for shark is that when provoked, the shark tends to attempt to ram or leap into the boat.  This has been the cause of serious injury among fishermen.  Regardless of the type or species of shark, all will turn aggressive once attacked and provoked.  One of the species that has caused the most harm specifically to fishermen is the Mako shark.  This type of shark tends to stick in more shallow waters, making it a prime target for fishermen.  However, the Mako also becomes furious when hooked and can jump up to twenty to thirty feet into the air, making it a serious danger to any fishermen (or their companions on the boat) who might snare it.  The Mako has been responsible for causing serious injury to unwitting and unprepared fishermen.  Another of the more dangerous type of shark is the Tiger shark.  This predator is not only largely responsible for the omnivorous reputation of the shark species, it also has been known to try and ram or jump onto a boat, sometimes before it is even hooked (in an effort to reach the chum). 

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