What is the best trolling speed when fishing for Yellowfin Tuna?

What is the best trolling speed when fishing for Yellowfin Tuna?

When it comes to catching yellow fin tuna, it is much more important to avoid spooking this keenly sensitive fish than it is to always fish at a certain trolling speed.  But make no mistake, trolling speed and presentation are important considerations whether you are a novice or experienced yellow fin fisherman.


One thing you need to know is how to spot your catch.  Though yellow fin are spooky and sensitive fish, and the larger ones tend to be loners, they do tend to feed in schools.  The presence of bait fish, though, is definitely a clue to the whereabouts of these prized catches, be will probably not be your first clue to the presence of yellow fin.  Initially, look for two things.  Look for the presence of flocks of birds hovering over the water.  This is true, particularly in the early morning hours.  Often a single frigate bird’s presence hanging over the water can be evidence of a school of feeding yellow fin beneath the surface, because these birds like to eat what escapes the yellow fin as they feed.

Once you have seen these signs, look at the water’s surface.  Yellow fin really churn up the water when they feed, and this sign is one you will not miss.  Once you have located your catch, most experienced yellow fin fishermen agree it is best to troll past your catch without changing speed, and come back to the fish, maintaining a consistent trolling speed of between five to eight miles an hour.

Daniel Eggertsen
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