What is good bait to use when going salt water fishing?

what is good bait to use when going salt water fishing?

When it comes to choosing bait for saltwater fishing, your choice is going to depend on several factors such as where you are fishing, the type fish you wish you catch, the time of year, water conditions, and weather conditions. The following should help you make a good decision, though. The first thing you want to do is remember is that the size of your bait should have a direct correlation to the size of the fish you hope to target. Another thing to consider is the natural food source in the waters in which the fish you hope to catch will be feeding. If you can present the fish with their natural dinner in a manner that appears natural, you are less likely to send off any alarm bells that might send a message to the fish that things are just not quite right and keep him from taking your bait. Next, saltwater fish of different species tend to respond to certain baits more readily than others do. For that matter, you will need to adjust your saltwater bait depending on what it is you hope to catch. Consider the following chart: Prawns or shrimp: Snapper, cod, yellowtail, redfish, Barramundi, flounder, goatfish. Crabs: Cod, snapper, drum, bream, grouper. Shellfish such as mussles, Australian snapper, drummer, bream, Abalone, or oysters: Dart, snapper. Squid or Octopus: Kingfish, goatfish, snapper, marine perch, coral trout, leatherjackets. Marine Worms: flathead, whiting, bream, flounder, mulloway, dart, trevally. Live Fish such as mullet, Kingfish, snapper, tuna, mulloway, Yellowtail, and smiley kingfish, mahi mahi, cod, sharks, Mackerel, etc.: wahoo, cobia. Whole, dead fish such as Kingfish, mackerel, boarfish, sharks, Whitebait: Snapper, coral trout, mulloway. Cut fish: Snapper, bream, flathead, founder, dart cod, gloatfish, redfish, marine perch, sharks.

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