What is a versatile west coast bait?

What is the most versatile type of west coast bait I can use to catch pretty much anything?

There are several different types of live bait that are fairly versatile. The first is shrimp. Though shrimp isn’t necessarily the first choice for many fish, it is a pretty common type of bait that almost all saltwater fish are interested in. Mussels are another popular bait that are used to catch fish off the coast of California. Also, it’s important to remember what types of fish are pretty prevalent in California. That can help you determine the best way to pick your bait. For example, halibut is a pretty common type of fish that anglers regularly fish for off the West Coast. For the best chance to catch a Halibut, you’ll want to use some type of brownfish or small queenfish as your live bait. One characteristic of the West Coast is that many types of fish are found relatively close to the shore, which means you won’t have to go too far out to land a good catch. As a result, baits like live sand crabs, fresh mussels, or bloodworms are really popular and effective. Another effective type of bait is strips of squid, which can land you popular West Coast fish like bonito, Pacific mackerel, and jack mackerel. You can also think about trying anchovies to land several different kinds of Pacific dwelling fish. As far as artifical bait, you will probably want to choose a Lucky Lura-type bait rig or something similar to that. By the way, check out my new page for night fishing information here: Night Fishing Secret. Enjoy!

Daniel Eggertsen
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