What is a sliding trace sinker rig?

What is a Sliding Trace Sinker Rig?

A sliding sinker fishing rig is an excellent choice when fishing for saltwater fish such as red snapper, kingfish, tarpon and even john dory fish. The ideal location for using this rig is when you find yourself over fishing over reefs or in areas that other rigs are bound to get hung up. The design of the rig uses clip on traces and snelled circle hooks to provide fewer tangles and a much better opportunity to hook and hold onto your fish. You can easily adjust the length of your weight line to keep the hook above the weeds or coral reefs which reduces the chances of getting your hooks snagging. The sliding trace rig can be purchased at most bait and tackle shops or you can make your own. On this particular rig the trace will slide freely up and down the backbone of the rig. This movement allows the fish to take the bait before it feels any pressure from the weight of the sinker. If you’re surf fishing, use a pyramid sinker hung from a sinker slide. If you take the time to tie a short piece of light line to the swivel or slide before you attach it to the sinker, if the sinker hangs up, you won’t lose the entire rig.

Daniel Eggertsen
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