what bait do you use for catching snook?

what bait do you use for catching snook

There are several different fishing patterns that work for Snook. Catching Snook is more an exercise in finding them and subsequently making the proper presentation than it is using the correct bait. A large live shrimp is without a doubt the best bait for Snook. The key point is to use a very large shrimp. Smaller shrimp will only attract Snappers and other small fish. You will need to hook the shrimp in a manner that allows it to retain its liveliness. I like to hook it once through the upper tail. When presenting the shrimp you need to keep your presentation as natural as possible. I like to use the smallest hook I can get away with and absolutely no added weight on my line. For larger Snook I advise switching to a small fish for bait. A pinfish, pilchards or other small fish can be fished much in the same manner as the large shrimp. I like to hook them once through the upper back. When fishing for Snook you should be near a dock if available. Snook love to hang around docks and other forms of shoreline structure. I like to cast my shrimp out with no added weight and fish in a free line form. This allows the shrimp to move naturally and will entice far more strikes than other methods. For the artificial lure fisherman you can catch Snook with a variety of lures. Jigs and spoons are your best bet though. Cast near shoreline structure and keep them moving fast.

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  1. barry says:

    is blue crabs good to catch snook

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