What Are Some Of The Disadvantages To Using Frozen Bait When Saltwater Fishing?

What are some of the disadvantages to using Frozen Bait when saltwater fishing?

If you are used to using fresh bait, you may be wondering if it could be better or just as good to use frozen.  If you are currently using frozen but think you may get better results from fresh, read on.

The advantages of being able to use frozen bait for saltwater fishing far outweigh the disadvantages in most cases.  The answer to this question really is quite straightforward.  In some cases bait that is poorly frozen or frozen for too long does not retain the qualities that made it good saltwater fish bait to begin with.  Most experts agree that in order to fish successfully, you should use bait that closely resembles the natural diet of your target fish. 

Some fish prefer their diet to move as they devour it, and bait that has been improperly frozen or frozen for too long is not likely to resemble live bait as closely as fresh or well frozen bait fish.  Another draw back to frozen bait is that while it might not look as good as live bait, you have to display considerable skill as an angler to learn and know now to mimic live bait in order to use it successfully.

You can even refreeze unused bait if it is used properly and not rancid.  Just keep your bait frozen if you can, and thaw small amounts at a time by placing your frozen bait in containers of water dipped from your fishing hole.  Doing it this way will allow you to bring the bait up to the correct temperature and preserve what you have, so that if you do not use it all, it can be refrozen.


Daniel Eggertsen
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