Three Tips for Yellowfin Tuna Fishing

2.      The best way to catch tuna is by throwing chum into the water.  This is going to be important whether you have dropped anchor or whether you are going to be trolling for the tuna.  Trolling is a very common way to catch yellowfin tuna and the chum is going to attract the schools of yellowfin tuna into the area that you are fishing in.  You can either use the same fish that you have used as chum in the water or shiny lures that are going to attract the attention of the yellow fin tuna.

When choosing lures, the most popular color for the yellowfin is green as this attracts the tuna.  This color mimics the natural baitfish that the tuna are going to go for.   You can add pieces of cut up fish such as butterfish or silver hake to offer a scent trail for the tuna as well.

When dropping anchor to fish, use the same type of bait that is used for chum in the water.  Drop a few pieces in the area that your lines are at to entice the tuna to your lines.

3.      Those who are only fishing for catch and release purposes are going to want to make sure that the tuna never leave the waters of the ocean.  Have a buddy near by when you are bringing in the tuna that can get them off the hook while you are holding the rod.  Bringing the yellowfin tuna into the boat can shock the fish into death and then you are going to have to fillet it up for eating or sale.  Those who do not want to go to this trouble should always take great care when reeling in the tuna.

While you want to tire it out a bit, you do not want to exhaust it to the point of death.  Even if you plan on keeping the fish, a buddy should be on the side of the boat when you are reeling in to either net or hook the fish into the boat.  Never go out fishing for any type of tuna without a fishing partner that can help when the tuna is landed.

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Daniel Eggertsen
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