Three Snook Fishing Tips

2.      Fish the Locks in the Autumn – Typically after the summer rainy season the locks are opened to allow water to flow into the ocean.  This is the prime feeding time of the snook as there are many bait fish that are going to be going through the locks when the water is rushing.  Make sure to go out early in the morning as this is the prime time for catching snook out of these locks.  They are going to be just getting ready to go on their eating frenzy and your bait is going to entice them as much as the bait fish that are flowing through can.

It is always important to use live bait for this type of snook fishing.  While you may land a snook or two using lures, more success is going to be had by using live minnows.  Use minnows that are hardy and that can stand up to the water that is going to be quite salty or you are going to end up going through a good deal of bait before hooking a snook.  Shrimp can work to get the snook, but minnows are a much better option and are going to offer more snook.

3.      Follow the Tides – The snook are going to be feeding when the tides are coming in.  A tide that is going out does not offer any snook at all as they are not going to feed during times when the tide is going out.  Snook do not actively seek out a meal.  Why would they when each incoming tide provides them with a diet without them having to do much work?  The smart snook fisherman is going to play the tides in the same way that the snook do.  It does not make much sense to fish for them at a time when they are not going to be feeding and are going to be resting instead.

The previous three tips are going to help any angler who is going to for snook to be more successful.  Keep in mind the times when snook are strictly catch and release.  This time is when they are spawning in the spring.  After the spawning time, snook of appropriate size can be taken for food or mounting. Most of all, pay attention to the tides, only fish for snook when the tide is coming in, not going out.

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Daniel Eggertsen
Dan Eggertsen is a fellow saltwater fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on saltwater fishing since 2004.

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