The Top 5 Saltwater Fishing Game Fish And How To Catch Them

You can and will catch Redfish over twenty pound in water as shallow as one foot.  You will be able to sight fish for this species.  As they forage through the thick grass you will often see their tail breaking the surface of the water.  When you cast to fish you have sighted be sure to cast beyond their position and retrieve the lure into the strike zone.  Your lure of choice should be a jig with the head weighted so the body rides above the head.

Sharks are highly sought after saltwater fish. Much like Barracuda you need to gear up with wire leaders to prevent line breaks.  Sharks however get much large than Barracuda.  I have caught sharks weighing several hundred pounds within yards of shore.

Sharks are primarily a live bait species that you can catch just about anywhere.  Unlike most species the thrill of shark fishing lies with the fight, not the hunt.

Chumming is an important staple of shark fishing.  A hung chum bag that creates a steady chum slick will improve your results.

The Tarpon is perhaps the granddaddy of all saltwater fish.  It has everything you could ask for.  It is quite large, often well over one hundred pounds.  When hooked it offers a great fight, sometime with a series of impressive aerial jumps.

Tarpon inhabit a variety of different habitats, all of them inshore.  The best place to fish for them however is without a doubt the Florida Keys.  The bridges near Vaca Cut are legendary for the large amount of Tarpon over one hundred pounds.

You need to have a reel with at least two hundreds yards of line spooled.  Tarpon make an initial run that needs to be experienced to be believed.  It can rip one hundred yards of line from your reel in a matter of mere seconds. They do not have teeth so you do not need to be worried about line breaking in that manner.

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Daniel Eggertsen
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