The size of the Barracuda

How long can a barracuda get?

The Barracuda is a member of the great perch family that has the latin name Perciformes and is a sub order of the Sphyraenidae family of fish. Barracuda are found in tropical and sub tropical seas across the globe and are verocious predators, although it is extremely rare for a Barracuda to strike a human contrary to common misconceptions.

The Barracuda is long and stream lined to help it reach the speeds needed to make swift attacks on its prey. Generally Barracuda are grey to dark green in colour with a white to yellow under side.

With a strong jaw full of teeth that are razor sharp and resemble fangs, along with a lower jaw that juts out further than the top jaw the Barracuda is a formidable apponent for any sea faring animal.

In many countries the Barracuda is regularly caught for food as it has a strong taste not disimilar to the Tuna fish. When cooking the Barracuda they are normally smoked because the flesh is very soft and disintegrates very easily, especially in the preparation of soups.

Barracuda grow up to an impressive six foot (1.8 metres)  in length and sometimes slightly longer when fully matured. They also grow up to twelve inches (35 centimetres) in width.

Due to the large size that Barracuda can grow to many game fishermen love to go out specifically to land a Barracuda. The Barracuda is not just a large fish to a game fisherman, it is also a fish to challenge their fishing prowess as they are extremely strong and give a good fight.

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