The size of a Barracuda

How large can a barracuda get?

The Barracuda is regarded as a fearsome animal of the deep, this is due to there large size, the fact that they have extremely large teethg and they are vorocious predators.

There is a misconception that Barracuda’s are dangerous to humans due to their size and dangerous appearance yet this is a misconception as they only ever attack humans if put in to a position where they feel provoked.

There are 26 different species of Barracuda and the largest of these can grow to over one hundred and seventy centimeters in length, thirty five centimeters in width and a body wieght of around forty four kilograms, although some have been reported to be up to two meters in length and fifty kilograms in weight. When looking at a Barracuda you will notice that it is very stream lined in appearance to help it swim fast and catch its prey.

The Barracuda lives for about fourteen years and reach sexual maturity when the male gets to around 2 years in age, and the female is sexully mature when she reaches four years, at this time they will be around 60 centimeters in length.

Young Barracuda start off life in the estuaries of rivers that feed in to the sea, they stay in the estuaries until they reach about 5 centimeters in length when they will then venture in to the open seas. From a very young age and a very small size (1.25 centimeters) the Barracuda young can clearly be defined as a miniature version of their adult parents.

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