The Secret to Selecting the Right Saltwater Fishing Rods

Saltwater fishing provides anglers with a fun and exciting way to fish because the environment is ever-changing. You never really know what to expect when you get out on the water and this is one thing that makes fishing in the ocean so exciting. Another thing that draws anglers to the sea to fish is the large species that grow in the depths of the ocean.

When you’re new to saltwater fishing one of the first things that you’ll need to do is pick out a saltwater fishing rod. There are many different types of fishing rods available and they range in a variety of prices. You can choose from one of the affordable designs to one of the very expensive models based on your budget and experience level.

The secret to selecting the right saltwater fishing rods revolve around three main things. These are the species you want to seek out, the technique you plan to use and the features of the rod. Once you decide on these three things, choosing a saltwater fishing rod will be easy.

Choose Your Species and the Technique First

The species of fish that you want to catch will have a lot to do with the type of saltwater fishing rod you need to buy. Some rods are designed to specifically target certain species so they’re made differently. A saltwater fishing rod designed to catch tuna will look and feel different from one designed to catch catfish and it does make a difference which one you use.

You need to decide which technique you plan to use when fishing in order to make the best decision. For example, you’ll need to choose between surf fishing, pier fishing, deep sea fishing, fly fishing and casting. Once you decide which technique you want to use and which species you want to catch, you can look for rods designed for that particular type of fishing and species of fish.

Some types of fishing rods can be used for multiple types of fishing. These are great for the beginner or someone who only goes fishing occasionally. However, if you take fishing seriously, then choosing a specific type of rod for the fishing you want to do will be much more productive. After deciding which technique to use, look for fishing rods made out of materials that will withstand the ocean environment. These include graphite, fiberglass, stainless steel, titanium and resin.

Features to Consider

Each type of fishing rod is designed with its own unique features and these determine how the rod performs when you’re fishing. There are four main features that you’ll need to look for when deciding which fishing rod to buy. These are listed below along with a brief description of each:

1. Rod Action- The action of the rod determines how much the rod will bend and they are referred to as slow, medium, fast and extra-fast action fishing rods. The slow action rod bends from the tip of the rod all the way to the butt while the extra-fast action rods bend only at the tip.
2. Guides- The type and number of guides the rod has is very important. They hold the fishing line in place to keep it from getting tangled or frayed. Look for rods with the guides in the center when saltwater fishing. The ceramic guides are a good choice because they are smooth on the inside and they can handle the pressure created when you have a fish on the end of the line fighting to get free.
3. Butt length- The butt length is the distance between where the reel sits and the back of the rod. The casting rods will have the shortest butt while trolling and spinning rods have the longest butt length.
4. Total length- The total length of the rod affects the casting distance. The longer rods are best for casting lures and determining when you have a bite. Short fishing rods are best when using heavy fishing line and when bottom fishing. However, when determining the total length be sure and choose something that suits your statue.
Using rods too large and heavy or too small can make fishing uncomfortable and reduce the number of bites you get.

The type of saltwater fishing rod that you choose will play a major role in the amount of success you have each time you go fishing. It’s important to choose the fishing rod that suits your individual needs the best and the secret to selecting the right saltwater fishing rods above can help you make a wise choice.

Saltwater fishing is fun, exciting and challenging. It’s something that anyone can do no matter how much experience you have and you can go out with your family or friends. You can enjoy fishing in the ocean most anytime of the year as well. Saltwater fishing is a sport and something that you do for recreation. Therefore, your fishing rod should be something that you feel comfortable using and that suits you personally.

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