Striped Bass Saltwater Fishing

For immature striped bass, the migration north in the summer can begin as early as March, with adult fish following in April. Most stripers will return south beginning in September, making the fall run back more fruitful for striper saltwater fishing than the spring runs. Also, note that winter doesn’t cause striper to bury themselves in deep water like some fish; in fact, they keep to their usual depths and favored locations throughout the year, merely following their north-south migration pattern annually.

There are few regulations along most of the Eastern seaboard regarding striped bass saltwater fishing; however, check the local regulations before going out because some areas do prohibit large numbers being caught at certain times of the year. For example, the early cropping of stripers in the Chesapeake Bay area is severely limited, so anglers should stay abreast of laws and regulations to avoid legal trouble and fines.

Along the West Coast, striper saltwater fishing is best in the San Francisco Bay area, with more serious angling for this species concentrating on freshwater areas. Because the waters on the Western seaboard tend to be more consistent in regards to temperature, there is less migratory movement, and striper saltwater fishing seems to be more concentrated in the warmer waters of California year round.

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