Snook Fishing

One of the best techniques for snook fishing these days is to use light tackle, and using the correct rod is key to catching big snook. Fishing with a long stiff rod can produce great results, especially if you are using whitebait. Also, if you intend to fish for snook in the shallow grass flats, you should keep the boat as far from the fish as possible, making a longer rod an excellent tool for this process. Having a stiff rod can allow you to cast out even farther with excellent control over placement of the bait.

Because snook have tough mouths by comparison to those fish in the mackerel family, there are many misconceptions regarding just how easily a snook can be snagged. However, the cartilage in the mouth of a snook is easily torn, meaning it is quite easy to lose a snook if you pull too hard. Going easy on them as you reel them in makes for a much more productive snook fishing excursion. This is aided through the use of the long rod, which allows novices to apply steady, easy pressure without yanking the hook loose.

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Daniel Eggertsen
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