Shore Fishing the Florida Keys

Dan hi I am from the state of Iowa my wife and I are going to the gulf april 20 -24 to fish we have gone a couple of times on head boats with no luck at all. So we whant to try some pier,surf,bridge fishing this time where should we go? We went to Panema city last year we had some luck not much its about 2100 miles for us to get to FL and a lot of money my wife is from the Phillipines so ocean fish is the only fish shy wounts so we whould like the time and cost to by wourthwhile this time also we dont know a lot about ocean fishing being from Iowa we whould apreaciate all the help we can get .

If your main objective for this trip is catching fish from shore head down to the Florida Keys. In the Florida Keys you can bridge fish, shore fish from beaches and other shoreline or fish the canals and lakes present there. Most houses you can rent in the Florida Keys are directly on very fishable water. I have caught numerous large fish from these seawalls, including a shark of over 6 feet in length. Some fish you can catch from shore in the Florida Keys include: 1) A wide variety of Snappers in the 6 to 14 inch size range can be caught in the hundreds around seawalls and bridges. A chum bag will help your efforts but you cannot miss when fishing for this species with a live shrimp as bait. 2) Barracuda are very commonly caught from shore in the Keys. They typically range from one foot to three feet in length with an occasional monster being caught. Larger pinfish or ballyhoo would be your bait of choice for this species. 3) Several different species of Sharks inhabit the inshore waters of the Florida Keys. Bull, Blacktip, Lemon, Nurse and even Hammerhead Shark are often caught from shore and near bridges. 4) Jack Crevalle are caught not only in the Keys but throughout the whole state of Florida from shore. 5) Permit are perhaps the best pound for pound fighting fish found in the Keys. I have seen fish as large as twenty pounds caught from shore that required over a half hour to land.

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