Sharks from piers

what kind of bait works the best for shark fishing in the pacific area on the pier?

The best bait for catching sharks hands down is fish. A live fish would be my number one choice for bait. In the absence of live fish a freshly killed fish or freshly killed and frozen fish would be my next best choices. If fish is not available you can use baits like eels, crabs or other live sea creatures. The best possible fish you can use is a cut barracuda. Other oily fish like jacks work very well for attracting sharks. Stingrays are often used by anglers in deeper water. When fishing with live bait for sharks you must match the size of the bait with the size of shark present in the waters and available to catch. You must also of course match the equipment to the bait as well. It does no good to fish for extremely huge sharks without the proper equipment to handle one once it has been hooked. When fishing from a pier chumming can enhance your success greatly. The main disadvantage of course of pier fishing is you are landlocked and cannot move to find the fish. Chumming is the opposite approach in that it brings the fish to your position. They key to chumming is finding a bag or cage that releases the chum in a slow steady stream. Chumming will only work well if there is a continuous unbroken stream of chum entering the water. This will create what is called a chum slick and can attract a most species of sharks from well over one mile away.

Daniel Eggertsen
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