Shark in Charleston, SC

i was wondering what to use if i went shark fishing in charleston, south carolina?

Live bait is always best when shark fishing. You can also have excellent results with freshly killed bait or even frozen bait that was frozen while still fresh. Sharks have a reputation for being garbage disposals that will eat almost anything. This is not entirely true, fresher bait will yield a much greater catch rate. The type of fish and size of bait you will use is dictated by the size of shark you are seeking. Small pinfish, croakers and other fish in the three to six inch range are excellent baits for blacktip sharks and spinner sharks. If you are seeking larger species of sharks like hammerheads you will want to select much larger bait and tackle setup. Chumming can greatly enhance the amount of fish you catch. A shark is primarily a scent and sometimes sound feeder. The use of a chum bag can bring in fish from over a mile away when done correctly. There are two key concepts of chumming. First you want to use a chum block that is ground in a fine enough size to disperse only small particles of blood and fish matter into the water. You are looking only to entice the fish, not feed them. The other key concept is to maintain a steady and uninterrupted flow of chum. You definitely need to replace the chum block before it has melted completely. If the chum slick is allowed to be broken by an absence of chum it will completely nullify the effectiveness of your efforts.

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