Saltwater Fishing Book Reviews

One of the major drawbacks of the book is that it doesn’t offer too much in the way of detailed information on individual species (there are about 20 included). Instead, the book focuses on species that dwell primarily inshore, surf, pier, jetties, blue water, bottom, and shallow water. However, the book is compiled by experts in the area of saltwater fishing, which ultimately means that it is full of tried and true, practical information.

If you’re looking for a fishing guide that hinges primarily on the retelling of popular saltwater fishing stories, you might want to think about checking out “The Saltwater Fisherman’s Bible,” which is put out by Doubleday Outdoor Bibles. Rather than focus on a series of tips and techniques, the book takes a more narrative approach to introducing beginners to salwater fishing.

Though it can seem wordy at times, it can certainly help novice anglers get a feel for the sport. Also, thre are some pages that address specific informatin about lures and a couple of brief chapters that gives an overview of the major species. As a result, this would most likely be a welcome adition to any angler’s bookshelf.

There are also many books that specifically address niches within the sport of saltwater fishing. One example of this is “Saltwater Fishing: Tackle, Rigging, How & When to Fish,” by Jack Zinzow. To help communicate his point, Zinzow uses a number of photos and illustrations to help show the reader the basics of fishing tackle.

The book coverse fishing line, rods, reels, knots, terminal tackle, and lures that are commonly used in saltwater fishing. He also addresses where to fish, the various techniques and conditions that will affect a fisherman’s success, the best ways to fish from the shore and from a boat, and a variety of tips to help angleres catch different species of fish. One of the best parts of this book is the detailed illustrations that accompany Zinzow’s instructions. It definitely serves as an aid to fishermen, particularly those who are just starting out.

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