Saltwater Reels

Other excellent saltwater reels are found from Lamiglas, who has recently collaborated with Nicola Zingarelli (a Sport Fishing contributor) to create the Tropic Pro Jigging and Popping rod series, which are set up to work with both casting and spinning reels.

The deeper you choose to fish, which typically takes you farther from shore, the more likely you are to come across large specimens that require heftier equipment. For such applications, you have to maintain a balance in the saltwater reels you use. You want to keep the reels as light as possible, making it easier and less fatiguing to handle all day long. However, you also need an unbreakable, super-strong reel that can handle a fight between you as a determined angler and the trophy fish you may have hooked and need to bring in.

On the other hand, when you are fishing the shallows, the fish are typically smaller species, and while you want to make sure you have plenty of strength for the rare large fish, your saltwater reels don’t have to be quite as impressively sturdy. Keep in mind, though, that just because a fish isn’t big doesn’t mean it won’t fight hard. Either way, your saltwater reels should be tough enough for any application that you might come across on your fishing trip.

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