Saltwater Jigs

One thing to consider when choosing saltwater jigs is the best color to attract any particular type of fish. For example, when fishing for speckled trout, using any kind of artificial lure can make catching the species difficult. However, since they seek food on sight, the colors you should choose for any kind of effective fishing effort are green, chartreuse, white, or smoke, and they should be three to four inches in size for best results. Most anglers suggest using these saltwater jigs with a jig head between ¼ and 3/8 inches. For snook fishing, the best saltwater jigs tend to be either a bucktail or a plastic-tail jig. In these cases, you’ll bump the saltwater jigs along the bottom of the body of water in an attempt to attract the snook and coax them out of their holes, where they tend to wait for a chance to attack.

Overall, it can be really confusing to begin seeking out new gear when you are not sure of exactly what you need. If you want to start with lures rather than live bait, speak to a clerk, telling him or her precisely what your plans are so that you can be pointed to the optimal saltwater jigs without having to worry about the numerous choices that stand before you.

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