What You Should Know About Saltwater Fishing Regulations

Party Boat owners lobbied politicians and in their infinite wisdom they changed the law so it only applies to fishermen on the Gulf side of the state of Florida. So in an effort to save fish they limit the abilities of single boat fishermen on the Gulf side of Florida but allow the large party boats with up to a hundred anglers aboard to do whatever they want.

Another aspect of fishing law concerns the open season policy for selected species of fish.  Most species of fish have a set time of the year in which they lay their eggs.  There are times during this period where these fish are particularly ravenous and certainly it make perfect sense that taking adult fish that have not had their chance to lay eggs is particularly not a good idea.  For the long term success of the fishing hobby it is very important that anglers follow these laws and allow fish to repopulate themselves for future anglers.

Identification of each species of fish is very important.  Before heading out on the water and contemplating putting a fish into your live well it is important for you to have the ability to identify each of the species so you will break the law.  Take the grouper for instance. There are many different species of Grouper. Two of the species of Grouper, the Nassau grouper and Goliath Grouper, cannot be harvested.  There are severe fines and penalties of you are caught with this or any other prohibited species of fish.

All of these fishing regulations can be found at a variety of sources.  If you use a search engine and type the name of the state and the words department of natural resources you will be able to access each of the specific laws in the state you are fishing.  You can also go to any bait and tackle store that sells licenses and pick up a copy of the legalities there as well.

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Daniel Eggertsen
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