Salt Water Fishing Tip Everybody Can Use

When fishing saltwater you have to learn about the concept of tides.  In freshwater you pretty much have a set of pattern of behavior displayed by fish.

The behavior is pretty much governed by two variables, the time of day and temperature of the water.  Saltwater fishing has these two variables as well but also adds the tide into the equation.  The tide is not constant. High tide may be at one time on Monday and much different a week later.

The effects of the tide may be more or less pronounced when under the effects of a full moon then they are during the half moon or other phases.  You need to gain the experience of fishing under all these different conditions and learn how the tide affects fishing in your area.  If you truly want to learn to become a better fisherman it is important that you use a log to document your activities on the water.  A log will help you understand why some fishing trips are more successful than others.  It is very helpful to have documented information at your disposal.

Things that at one time seemed meaning less may have much more merit in your eyes when you review them after many more hours on the water.

Saltwater fishing is also much more of a live bait deal than freshwater fishing.
Don’t get me wrong, live bait is always the most efficient manner of fishing anywhere you wet a line.  But in saltwater the difference is much more pronounced.

Structure is also very important when fishing saltwater. In saltwater you don’t have to deal with weed lines and to a lesser extent drop offs and other classic fresh water points of structure.  In saltwater you look for man made structure such as docks and bridges.

You also can have a great deal of success through locating reefs and other structure located at the bottom of the ocean. When fishing from shore this is why many fishermen congregate at large piers. The entire food chain gathers at locations like these.  Small fish and mollusks attach themselves to the pier structure, medium sized fish feed off these creature and larger fish feed off the medium sized fish. Structure is far more important to saltwater fishing.

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Daniel Eggertsen
Dan Eggertsen is a fellow saltwater fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on saltwater fishing since 2004.

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