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I am trying to find information, or a picture, or a supplier of a sabiki ring. I know what a sabiki rig is, but these sabiki rings are different. I guess they are a steel loop that you drop in the water from a rod. the bait goes in, gets caught in the rings, and cant get loose. I have heard of them, but I have never seen one. Have you ever heard of it ? I guess they used them on the piers in florida to get bait. Thanks, Roy

Sabiki rigs are indeed used in Florida and are a very effective way of obtaining bait and sometimes game fish as well. A sabiki rigs consist of a series of six gold hooks with very small beads near each book that attract the bait fish. These beads are generally colors florescent pink or chartreuse. The rig will have a loop on one end of the line to attach to your main line and a snap swivel on the other end to attach a weight. Sabiki rigs come in many different sizes. You need to use the proper rig for the bait you are seeking. Small sabiki rigs are used for pilchards and other small bait fish. As you increase your rig in size you start to catch pinfish, blue runners and other bait in the six inch size range. I once cast a sabiki rig into a large school of bait fish and wound up catching two Crevalle Jacks of two pounds each that were feeding from the school. Sabiki rigs are very popular on docks and the better choice over cast nets because they can be vertically jigs over the side of the pier successfully. Small bait fish typically hang out near the pilings of the pier to feed off the numerous small organisms that attach themselves to the pier walls and surrounding areas. Choose a weight that is heavy enough to allow you to vertically jig the sabiki rig. You can also cast the rig out and employ a slow retrieve if you see a school of bait fish some distance from the pier.

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2 Responses to “Sabiki Rigs”

  1. lee says:

    I used them in florida april of this year and brought home 28 spanish mackrel. they are not only good for bait fish. jig them and you might be suprised. have fun.

  2. fish says:

    Roy asked about the RINGS, not the sabiki rig. The rings have a bright line running through it to attrack bait fish which will swim around the line and into the rings, getting caught by the gills in it, used it all the time for bait fish as a child.

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