Redfish Fishing

In deeper waters, it can be difficult to find redfish, but one advantage of redfish fishing in such shallow waters is that you can see them with ease. These unusual fish will often station themselves in water not even deep enough to cover them, meaning that their dorsal fins and sometimes even part of their backs are exposed from the water. You’ll also frequently find reds on the shelves created by low tides – the dusty areas along the grass line that have been eroded by the tides and become structures themselves in which the redfish will station. Keep in mind, though, that redfish fishing in these areas requires a lot of stealth. Redfish in the dusty areas tend to be skittish, and they don’t particularly care for a boat moving too fast near them or a heavy lure impacting near them. In fact, even the shadow of a lure passing above them can spook some redfish in these ultra shallow areas.

Redfish fishing can produce great results through the use of grubs – usually between 2 and 4 inches long, depending on how difficult it is to get a bite on any given day. Note as well that these fish are built for strength and can put up quite a struggle when you do hook one. However, this just adds to the excitement that can be found with redfish fishing!

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Daniel Eggertsen
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