Protecting Your Tackle from Corrosion

Are there any special precautions I should take to make sure my fishing tackle doesn’t corrode when exposed to saltwater?

If you are looking to buy new fishing tackle, the smartest thing to do (if you know you’ll be fishing primarily in saltwater) is to seek out tackle that is already designed to resist corrosion.  This is especially important when it comes to the fishing reel.  It’s a good idea to buy a reel that is already made to be resistent to corrosion.  These reels are usually made from materials such as fiber/resin, stainless steel, titanium, and plated steel with components of bronze and brass.  The price for this type of reel ranges anywhere between $100 and $500.  It’s also important to keep in mind that if you decide to purchase a reel that’s not necessarily resistent to corrosion, you will probably be fine for the first couple of years.  However, once a reel has reached the two year mark, corrosion problems begin to appear. 

If you already have all of your fishing tackle, there are some products and accessories that can help prevent corrosion from saltwater.  One example of this is Boeshield T-9, a spray-on rust and and corrosion protection that lasts for month.  This particular product was actually developed for the lubrication and protection of aircraft components.  IT’s a combination of solvents, lubricants, and waxes that is designed for penetration, moisture displacement, lubrication, and protection.  Another such protective product is the Jet Logic Salt Terminator, which dissolves salt and leaves a protective sheen, thus gurading it against future salt corrosion.  Other similar products include Corrosion Block, Salt-Away, and Salt X. 

Daniel Eggertsen
Dan Eggertsen is a fellow saltwater fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on saltwater fishing since 2004.

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