Ocean Fishing Rods

*         Guides – The guides are the rings on the fishing rod in which the fishing line runs through. They come in different sizes depending on the type of fishing rod you have.

*         Rod Action – The action of the rod determines the amount of bend the rod has. They are referred to as slow, medium, fast and extra-fast action. The slow action rods will flex from the tip of the rod to the butt but they can be difficult to cast. About three quarters to half of the rod will flex with the medium rod and they are the most versatile. The fast action rods bend on the upper half and the last quarter part of the rod will bend on the extra-fast action rods. The fast-action ones are the most precise when it comes casting.

Choosing the right ocean fishing rod can be a little more complicated than you first thought. You can now see that there are a lot of things to think about when picking out your ocean fishing rods. There is more to it than simply picking out something that looks good and the information above and can help you make a good choice.

You need to decide what type of fishing you plan to do and choose your rods accordingly. Using the wrong rod will hinder your ability to reel in more fish and they make it harder to use.

Even after choosing the right type of rod you still need to find the ones that suit you personally. In other words, you need to choose rods that suit your stature and your skill level.

If you’re a short person trying to use an extra long rod, this can be awkward and hard to handle. A petite person using a heavy rod will get tired very quickly taking most of the fun out of going fishing. However, the right ocean fishing rods will make fishing more enjoyable and productive.

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