Techniques For North Carolina Fishing

You’ll find that most species will be active in the early morning hours or the late evening just before and right after sunset all year long. Some are more active at night and there are even some species that are the most active during the daytime.

Learn as much about the species you’re seeking out as you can and this will tell you when the best time to go fishing will be. It’s also recommended that you learn about the different water conditions as well. Some techniques work best when used in clear water and others work best in dark dingy waters.

There is also a huge variety of baits available designed to target specific species. Choose your bait according to the species that you’re seeking out, when and where you’re fishing. Experimenting with different colors, shapes and sizes is the best way to find out which ones work the best in different situations.

Where to Fish in North Carolina
Knowing where to go fishing will make it easier for you to start your fishing trip and enjoy reeling in a nice catch. You can find somewhere to go fishing in this state no matter where you live or where you’re visiting. There are many lakes, rivers, ponds and streams to go fishing in North Carolina and you’ll find a variety of species in most of them. There is no way to name them all but some of the best known places are listed below:

*         High Rock Lake
*         Buggs Island Lake
*         Cape Fear River
*         Badin Lake
*         Fontana Reservoir
*         Lake Norman
*         Lake Waccamaw
*         Neuse Lake
*         Jordon Lake
*         Yadkin River
*         Roanoke River
*         Falls Lake
*         Lake Phelps
*         Lake Sutton

You can enjoy some great saltwater fishing along the coast of North Carolina as well.

Have a great time reeling in those fish!

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