Night fishing Snook

What do I need to take if I am going snook night fishing?

Night fishing for Snook is a very popular fishing trip in Florida, whether it is done on a boat or from shore. The equipment need for such a trip is discussed in the following paragraphs. You will first need a light to see what you are doing. Choose a battery operated light with sufficient power to allow you to see properly. You will next the right rod and reel combo. Even at night Snook remain a very wary species to a presentation that is not natural. I like to use reels spooled with fluorocarbon line that is no heavier than ten pound test strength. You will need a large amount of line on your reel as a Snook will often take large amounts of line off on the initial run after it realizes that it has been hooked. A high quality spinning reel with smooth drag are essential when night fishing for Snook. When you team this reel with a high quality graphite rod you have the perfect combo for Snook fishing at night. You can catch Snook on both live and artificial baits. Jumbo live shrimp and lively Pilchards are generally the best natural bait you can use. You need to hook your bait in a manner that allows it to retain its liveliness. Excellent artificial baits to use include spoons and large jigs. Snook are a schooling fish, when you find one you will generally find several. A stealth approach is necessary when fishing from a boat. In the quiet of the evening any noise you make is heard much easier by your potential quarry.

Daniel Eggertsen
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