My question is there a lure out there that you no of that i can throw over the pier and catch trout?

I go fishing every year in ocean isle in June. They have a pier there and every year i watch the old timers from 6:00 A.M. till about 8:00 a.m. p/u Trout with live shrip but they won’t tell ya were to get them because the bait houses don’t have live shrip yet. My question is there a lure out there that you no of that i can throw over the pier and catch trout. They are also using bobbers about 2 to 3 ft deep. And tell me how to use the lure. I have a ocean rod and reel. Thank-You

Honestly fishing off a large pier with a long drop to the water is a tough proposition. You could try a jig perhaps either with or without a bobber. It is certainly not the way I would approach it though. If live bait is not available use the next best thing, freshly dead bait. Surely you can find raw shrimp from a local supermarket. Raw cut up fish can also be effective. Live bait will surely outperform freshly killed bait but that does not mean there is not a use for both. I have caught numerous trout, as well as a great many other species, on freshly killed shrimp and cut fish. Remember you are fishing an area with much water movement. You bait is moving constantly in the water. Fresh bait smells like live bait and looks like live bait, it just does not have the motion of live bait. It will attract fish to your line and will entice strikes. Remember these fish strike lures, surely a freshly dead shrimp is a better attractant than a man made lure. As far as the old timers go I think you should attempt to strike up a conversation with them. I have found over the years that fishermen are a tight knit group often very willing to help each other out. If you give them a chance you might not only find out where they obtain bait but also learn a treasure trove of other information that will enhance your angling efforts.

Daniel Eggertsen
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