Is Yellowfin Tuna a legal bait to use for shark fishing in Texas?

Is Yellowfin Tuna a legal bait to use for shark fishing in Texas? What about Blackfin Tuna?

I was unable to locate any information dictating that it was unlawful to use either yellowfin tuna or blackfin tuna as bait for shark fishing in Texas, but neither was I able to understand why you would want to. It is illegal to fish for shark using kingfish, pupsharks, or tarpon, though. This information should make it easy for you to obtain the best bait for shark fishing in Texas. Smaller sharks tend to be more finicky eaters than larger sharks. Sharks are the most finicky during late spring and early summer, and tend to eat more voraciously during early spring and and late fall. This makes it a little more difficult to choose the right bait, because they don’t always take the bait as readily, depending on the time of year. Here are the best, most effective baits for shark fishing in Texas: •Stingray •Jackfish •Bonita •Blue Runner •Whiting Stingray are best used whole, as bait. The other baitfish mentioned may be chunked and threaded onto your hook. The one exception to this is the bonita. Bonita is an extremely bloody fish, and as such, will draw a shark like most other bait will not. The problem is that it is a target for other fish as well, and it is a soft bodied, soft scaled fish. It does not hold well on your hook. Most people fishing with bonita as bait wrap it in pantyhose before putting it on the hook, and this works quite well in keeping it on your hook until you can tempt a nice toothy shark into taking the bait!

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