I want to fish for Cravelle Jacks, what is a good method to follow?

I want to fish for Cravelle Jacks, what is a good method to follow ?

Crevalle Jacks are voracious predators that feed in schools and generally towards the surface of the water. They generally school according to size, all the fish in a particular school will be similar in size. Their appearance is easy to determine. You will see a series of large commotions on top of the water as bait fish attempt to get away from these aggressive predators. My preferred lure for these fish is a gold crocodile spoon. You can use a variety of different lures for them but I prefer a lure that can be retrieved fast across the surface of the water. I also want a lure that reflects the sun and is visually pronounced. I have found through experience that gold works best for this species. Once you find the fish you want to cast your lure beyond where they are feeding and bring it in fast. You really cannot have a retrieve that is too fast. These fish move extremely quickly and will hammer lures that are retrieved at very fast speeds. If you have multiple fishermen in the boat this is where it can and will get very hectic. It is not uncommon to have multiple hookups when fishing in this manner. The school will sometime break off and you will see many jacks follow hooked fish towards the boat. This fishing is best done in a boat with a silent trolling motor that allows you to follow the school without disturbing it. You can easily catch dozens of these fish, one of the best pound for pound fighters in the ocean.

Daniel Eggertsen
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