I just need to know how to attach the hook to a sea fishing lure?

Hi, just need to know attach the hook to sea fishing lure? Thanks

Attach the hook by using a clinch knot. Make the mono leader with the hok tied on about twenty-four inches long. This line will have the swivel clinch tied to a plastic bead then a clinch knot to the sinker and then attached to the test line to the rod. This is how to tie the clinch knot: Place the end of the line through the eye on the hook. You will need to pull it though giving yourself about eight inches of line to hold in your hand. Hold the single line and twist the hook eight times. Next, place the end of the loose line through the loop in the line by the hook. Then place the line through the loop made by placing the line through the loop by the hook. Next, pull the line in your hand tight coming back towards the rod. This is now a tight clinch knot. See the diagram because it shows you exactly what you have to do. There are other knots to use, but it will depend on the size and type of fish you are going after. There is the dropper loop or an end loop. The knot is secure and it will hold very well. This knot is improved over some of the other knots that you may have used in the pass. It is easy to do and you have less of a chance of losing the leader line and the hook. I hope this helps you attach the hook to your sea fishing lure.

Daniel Eggertsen
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