I do not own a boat. Where is the best saltwater shore fishing in Florida?

I do not own a boat. Where is the best saltwater shore fishing in Florida ?

The bridges of the Florida Keys are without a doubt the best place for the saltwater fisherman to go if they do not have a boat. There are many different excellent places to fish in the Florida Keys from shore. You will need specialized equipment for sure, but the effort is well worth it. You can catch many different kinds of fish in the Keys. Nurse Sharks are the most common larger fish; catches in the six to eight foot range are common from shore. They are of course not the most sporting fish but they are massive. You also will catch Tarpon, Permit, Barracuda and several varieties of snappers quite often. Other fish like groupers, sawfish and many others will show themselves at the end of your line as well. This fishing is primarily live bait fishing. The shrimp is the most common bait used and will catch just about anything. One minute you may catch a six inch snapper and the next catch a one hundred pound tarpon on the same size shrimp. You will also use baits like pinfish, pilchards and live crabs. You will need a stout heavy action rod, preferably at least eight feet long. I recommend using power line at least thirty pound test or higher. Power line is important because you will often be required to horse fish around structures. Monofilament stretches too much to perform this at times. Typically you will use weights of at least 3 ounces to keep your bait stationary. Most of these fish have large mouths, be sure you sue a large sharp hook.

Daniel Eggertsen
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