How To Catch Saltwater Flounder

You might want to think about trying the jighead. Though it’s simple, using jigheads is also very effective in catching flounder, particularly because they make good bait carriers. The goal is to not have your bait be weighed down in one place. Jigs generally work best with the smaller types of bait (such as live shrimp or small finger mullet, which have proven to be among the most effective in landing flounder).

Whichever rig you choose, you should make certain that it allows your bait room to move. When it comes to bait, you have several options to help you entice and then land a flounder. As previously mentioned, strips of finger mullet have proven effective, as have mud minnows. Another effective live bait that can be used (and is often more readily available) is live shrimp. Squid can also be great for catching flounder. If you decide to go with mullet or minnows, it’s smart to hook them from under the jaw and come up through their lips with the hook.

For cut bait, veteran fishermen have suggested running the hook through twice and leaving a one to two inch piece hanging out, which helps make it appear to be swimming. Once you’ve selected your rig and bait of choice, it’s time to focus on technique. As we’ve discussed, it’s of the utmost importance that you get your bait to the floor of the ocean because that’s where the flounder will be.

When you cast, let your rig hit bottom and then slowly work it. It is key to go remember to go slow. The flounder are essentially laying down and waiting for something to swim by them so they can grab it. As a result, you need to make sure and understand that in most cases, flounder won’t aggressively pursue your bait.

Also, it’s a good idea to keep in mind that flounder bites will feel more subtle than that of a more aggressive species of fish. Sometimes, it’s easy to mistake a flounder bite for something else – you may even feel that your line is caught on something. Keep in mind that you can’t try and actually hook the flounder too early or you will come up short with a good chunk of your bait gone.

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