How to have a great fishing saltwater trip

Taking a saltwater fishing trip is different and somewhat unique from fishing in a lake or stream. The fish are different and you will have to have the right gear. A saltwater fisherman should have different tactics then freshwater fishermen to catch those fish. Saltwater fishermen needs unique tools that freshwater

fisherman could even use. The first thing that will make your fishing saltwater trip great is a good rod. Buy one for around $100-200 and not something that is cheap. A cheap rod will just undermine your learning and could give you the wrong angling habits. Also, the cheaper rods will have a horrible resale value, even

below the original cost. If you start with a good rod you can resell it later for a better model. You will need tackle and tools for freshwater fishing and the pieces for saltwater fishing. The tackle will be heavier. If you are fishing in the ocean then weights have to be used.

Saltwater fishing is not only fun but an unforgettable experience that you will remember for a lifetime! You may even see dolphins, swordfish etc. You will also need a saltwater fishing boat which is longer and larger and has places to sleep.

There is the option of renting these boats which could be cheaper if you are taking out family and friends for a fishing expedition. Saltwater fishing is really a popular pastime, especially in Florida. The nice thing about saltwater fishing is that is can be done in seas, bays and oceans around the world. For kids

saltwater fishing can be really fun when it is done off a pier because it is easier to catch fish. The only downfall is that saltwater fishing should be done with live baits which can become expensive. The rising tide is the best time to catch the fish.

This is recreational, fun and relaxing and has the benefit of catching your next meal. In fact, fishing from public piers is a cheap sport and all you have to do is rent a pole and some bait.

Fishing from piers has advantages for novices and advanced anglers. Fishing close to jetties or inlets is good too. However, the best thing to do is find a stretch of beach that is sheltered by an offshore sandbar. The fact is that pier fishermen have advantages that boaters don’t like they are high up so with polarized glasses they can see the fish from great distances. The person fishing won’t get sea sick and they don’t have to spend a couple hundred in gas money chasing down bait because it is right underneath them. Pier fishing is just putting you in the path of fish that are swimming parallel to the shore beyond the waves and waiting for them to take the bait. This is a cheap and fun family activity and you can join other anglers for their advice and tips for saltwater fishing. It is a little like surf fishing in the winter when you never know what can happen. It is the best way for children

to have a good time and to learn the sport. It is better when the fish have schooled and are feeding or migrating.

This type of fishing is popular with everyone but especially children who catch more than the old folks. You can also pier fish at night but remember to do it close to a light source and watch the children. There is also a fun way that Italians used to use called Poke Poling. If you combine that with clamming or normal fishing you will have an interesting day and a great dinner. Poke poles are nothing more then what they suggest, poles you can poke into rocky reefs, tide beds and kelp beds. It can be bamboo, fibreglass and you can bait it front of lurking eels, cod, perch and other rock fish. Another interesting and fun way to saltwater fish is in a kayak. Just make sure you are familiar with the area and have a lifejacket and strong paddles. Make sure you have enough rods and tackle and different rods to try out the tackle. Just keep in mind that a kayak has limited space so be careful how much you bring on your trip.

Finally, make sure you are aware of the tide regulations and fishing areas. The fact is that everyone from novice to experienced fishermen can enjoy saltwater fishing especially fly fishing which has been around for thousands of years! There is evidence that it was around as early as the third century AD in Macedonia. The heritage of the sport here in the U.S originates from England. In the early 1800 when it gained popularity shops were stocked to the brim with fishing gear. Hooks were made with animal furs and feathers.

Daniel Eggertsen
Dan Eggertsen is a fellow saltwater fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on saltwater fishing since 2004.

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