How Far Do I Need To Be Able To Cast If I’m Surf Fishing

How far do I need to be able to cast if I’m surf fishing?

Surf fishing can be challenging, but with the right methods, you can overcome just about anything that you are struggling with.  There is no cut and dry measurement for how far you will need to cast if you are surf fishing.  The general consensus is you might need to be able to cast approximately a hundred yards beyond the breaking surf to reach the fish you want to catch.  This requires a surf rod anywhere from about ten to twelve feet in length at least, and a fisherman (or fisherwoman) capable of slinging a healthy slab of bait and six ounces of lead over a hundred yards.  There is probably no better way to build your muscles!
Most surf anglers use spinning reels that are constructed extra heavily from anodized, corrosion free materials.  There is a huge debate amongst surf fishermen about what it is that determines the length of the cast.  Is it the design of the reel?  Is it the length of the rod?  Is it the size of the rod?  Is it the skill and strength of the angler?  Most agree it is actually a combination of the two.

Now, surf fishing has gained quite a following, and some of the vehicles used in surf fishing are quite sophisticated.  If you have a fully outfitted four wheel drive vehicle designed to get you far out into the surf, you might not need to cast as far into the surf as someone who is simply wading to fish.

Daniel Eggertsen
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