How do I know how big my hook should be when fishing for Sharks?

How do I know how big my hook should be when fishing for Sharks?

The main question you need to answer to determine what size hook you should use for shark fishing, is what type of shark you are likely to hook.  Knowing the type of shark that inhabit the waters in which you will fish, will be one determinant of the size hook you will need.  There are plenty of types out there to help you catch virtually anything you are after.

Another consideration would be what your ultimate intention is.  If you intend to return the shark to the water after your catch, or if you are concerned with ensuring any shark that gets away survives with minimal injury, a barbless hook is preferable.

In general, if you must opt in one direction or another, opt for a larger hook, because sharks, in general, are not hook shy.  An 8/0, 10/0, or 12/0 hook would handle most shark you could hook in the US.  The larger the number, the larger the hook, and the larger the shark, the larger the hook you will need, but for most purposes, a 10/0 is as big as you will need for recreational shark fishing. 

Another consideration is the fight of the shark species for which you intend to fish.  If you hook a big shark with lots of fight, a stainless hook will hold fast much more easily and not bend as readily as some other hooks.  One such hook suitable for hooking big fighters on large Pollack or jumbo mackerel baits, is the mustad 7732 sea demon, or comparable model of another brand.

Daniel Eggertsen
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