How do I chum for sharks?

How do I chum for sharks ?

Chumming for sharks is an easy process but there are a few principles that must be followed. It is important that you create a continuous chum slick. The chum slick is created by having the chum disperse and be carried by the current of the water. Chum bags eventually melt away. The time it takes a chum block to completely melt is dependant on the type and size of chum and the temperature and current speed of the water. It is important that you throw a second chum bag out before the previous bag has fully melted. If you do not follow this procedure the chum slick will be interrupted and will not be as effective. There are many different kinds of fish you can use for chumming purposes. Most of the commercial chum bags available to bait stores contain a variety of different fish. The best fish to chum with are those that are bloody and have lots of oil in their bodies. The ultimate fish to chum for sharks with is a barracuda. Several freshly cut barracuda steaks will attract sharks from a long distance. In addition to fitting the above criteria barracuda are natural enemies and competitors of many species of sharks. Jack Crevalle are a very common saltwater inshore fish that also works great as chum. Chumming is a very powerful tool for the shore bound fisherman. When done correctly it can bring fish from as far as a mile away. It not only attracts fish like sharks, it also attracts small bait fish that larger fish prey upon.

Daniel Eggertsen
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