How Deep The White Marlin Swims

How deep can the White Marlin actually swim?

The White Marlin usually stays close to the surface when swimming and generally prefers to swim in slightly warmer waters.  This is especially evident during the White Marlin’s mating season.  During this annual period, the White Marlin will migrate to significantly warmer waters (typically sub-tropical waters) and will then proceed with mating season.  During all other times of the year, the White Marlin can be found in waters that are over 325 feet (100 meters) deep.  Though they are generally found in deeper waters, they can actually most often be found swimming much closer to the surface.  They are typically found swimming above the water’s thermocline, which is the layer within the water where the water will become dramatically cooler because of the depth.  As a result of this, the White Marlin will typically be found swimming significantly above this line, but can most often be expected to swim just near the surface.  They generally swim in waters of surface temperatures that are above 71 degrees fahrenheit.  Because the White Marlin is generally a warm water fish, it is found only in the Atlantic Ocean and parts of the Caribbean (though other sightings have been reported, particularly an occasional sighting in the Mediterranean Sea).  It is also most frequently caught during the summer season off the East Coast of the United States.  Because the fish generally sticks close to the surface (it is biologically equipped to survive closer to the surface), the White Marlin generally will display a common technique known as "tailing," in which the dorsal lobe of the fin is visible above the surface of the water. 


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