How can I catch my own bait?

How can I catch my own bait ?

There are three main ways you can catch bait for saltwater fishing. In the following paragraphs I will describe each in detail. Catching bait on a rod and reel is the method that is the most fun. It is not the most efficient in terms of bait caught per time spent however. You need to buy a sabiki rig. A sabiki is simply a rig with six small jigs with gold hooks. The size of the jigs vary, you should match the rig to the size and type of bait you are attempting to catch. You can use this rig in one of two manners. You can cast it into the school of bait fish and retrieve it slowly or you can vertically jig it over a school near your boat or pier. You should have heavy enough line on your to handle large fish. Bait fish are not the only fish that may attack your rig. I once caught two Crevalle jacks weighing five pounds at one time using one of these rigs. A cast net is your second option for securing bait. It is not quite as easy as the sabiki rig, it take time to master the art of throwing your net so that it hits the water after it has reached its maximum diameter. You of course need to be close to a school of fish when using a cast net. If it is not a large school then the sabiki rig works best. The third method of catching bait is the trap. Good bait traps are approximately three foot cube with a small entrance at the bottom and a small cage to hold the bait in the middle. It is a drop in the water, wait and pull up proposition that can work wonders for a large variety of bait. I like to throw mine in at night and pick it up the next morning.

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    Great tips can you use the traps in salt water or is that more for fresh water?

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